What Twitter's #SafeHandsChallenge is teaching marketers?

What Twitter's #SafeHandsChallenge is teaching marketers?

Hand hygiene is key to keeping ourselves and others protected from coronavirus disease. In order to raise awareness on how to perform hand hygiene properly, WHO has launched the #SafeHands challenge across their social media channels and would like us to take part.
To join the Challenge, show them how you are keeping your hands clean: record the video following the WHO guidance and share it on your social media accounts. Invite your friends to join. If you wish, you can interpret the steps in your own language.

Where to watch:

The WHO #SafeHands Challenge is on: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat.

WHO looked forward watching the submitted videos. And they featured the most creative/engaging ones on their channels.

Let’s be ready and safe from COVID-19! Let’s beat coronavirus together! - was their communication.

This is how WHO raised awareness through social media channels during the pandemic. This can be a case study of how top health organisations are involving themselves in the digital ecosystem to raise awareness and garner responses through Social Media Campaigns and Customer engagements.

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